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The range of custom ERP software development​ services we offer

Inspire Network is a leading provider of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) services with a highly skilled team of developers, QA engineers, business analysts, IT consultants, and project managers who work together to create dynamic and high-end ERP software systems for businesses of all sizes and industries.


The company offers a wide range of ERP services that are designed to meet the diverse needs of their clients. Their pool of ERP services includes ERP consulting, custom ERP solutions, ERP implementation, ERP application development, managed services, and staff augmentation.


ERP Consulting Services

The ERP consulting team at Inspire Network provides a comprehensive analysis of your current business environment and strategic needs. They act as your trusted advisors and help you formulate the best strategies to implement critical ERP software.


Custom ERP Solutions

Inspire Network offers custom ERP software development services that cater to businesses of all sizes and industries. They develop robust and scalable business ERP systems that offer key data insights across multiple platforms - web, mobile, and on-premise.


ERP Implementation Process

Inspire Network's ERP implementation service team is uniquely equipped to take care of the complete deployment of your custom networks, servers, and data management solutions while maintaining data integrity.


ERP Apllication Development

Inspire Network's technical experts use the best industry technologies and programming languages to build feature-rich custom ERP applications that meet the specific needs of your business. Their experts develop the best-in-class ERP applications for all platforms including web, desktop, and mobile.

Managed Services

Inspire Network's ERP managed service experts ensure continuous monitoring, management, and support of your ERP system, thus identifying, resolving, and preventing issues before they become a real problem.

Staff Augumentation

In some cases, businesses prefer to build their ERP software application in-house. In this case, Inspire Network's ERP staff augmentation services allow businesses to hire the most skilled and experienced professionals needed to keep the project thriving.


What makes Inspire Networks a good choice as your development partner for ERP systems?

Full Service ERP Solutions

Inspire Networks offer comprehensive ERP solutions, which means they can either build an ERP system from scratch or improve an existing one, while ensuring that the system meets all the needs of the clients without disrupting their business continuity. This means that clients can be assured that their businesses will continue to function seamlessly during the ERP system's development and implementation.



More Rapid Development

Inspire Networks follows an agile and iterative approach to development, which enables them to develop the MVP version of the ERP solution usually within 3-5 months and release new versions every 4-6 weeks. This means that clients can expect faster development times and more frequent updates, which is especially useful in industries where businesses need to adapt quickly to changing market demands.

End-to-End assistance

Inspire Networks provides end-to-end support, meaning that they will take care of everything from design and development to implementation and post-deployment support. This means that clients do not have to worry about the technical aspects of the ERP system and can focus on running their business

Easy Integration

Additionally, they ensure smooth integration of the ERP system with popular platforms such as Magento and Salesforce, cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and IoT, and other ERP modules. This means that the ERP system can be easily integrated with the existing software infrastructure of the clients.


Inspire Networks delivers multi-platform ERP solutions, which means that the ERP system can be accessed through any mode, be it a mobile app, web app, or desktop app. To ensure high user satisfaction, they focus on building an intuitive UI/UX that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. This means that clients' employees can quickly adapt to the new system and perform their tasks more efficiently.

Greater Transparency

Inspire Networks provides greater transparency not only on the development process but also on pricing. They regularly report the information needed to make the right business decisions and offer fair pricing at every stage of the project. This means that clients can have a clear understanding of the development process and the associated costs, which helps them plan their budgets better.



       Our Software Development Process


Inspire Networks is a company that specializes in developing custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions. We understand that every business is unique and has specific requirements for their ERP software, which is why we offer customized solutions that cater to your project's end-to-end needs.


01. Being aware of business requirements


Our team of experts begins by comprehending your current business needs and future goals to develop a deep understanding of your expectations, which helps us in designing the ERP software solution.


02. Producing a thorough design plan


Being aware of business requirements allows us to create a comprehensive design plan that covers even the minutest details related to data migration, infrastructure development, integration of the solution with existing platforms, and other necessary aspects.


03. Constructing and implementing the ERP software system


Once the design plan is ready, our team of developers, engineers, managers, and analysts begin building the ERP software solution as per the design plan. We ensure that the solution is integrated with the existing business processes to guarantee a seamless transition.


04. Providing ongoing assistance


We believe that a working enterprise resource planning system is dynamic, which requires regular support and maintenance. Therefore, our support team is always available for your assistance even after the solution is deployed. We offer continuous end-user support and system updates to ensure that your ERP software r​emains efficient and meets your changing business needs.


ERP Software Modules That We Develop

Inspire Networks  provides a comprehensive range of ERP software modules, including Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Inventory, Distribution, Business Intelligence, Marketing and Sales, Financials and Accounting, Analytics, Human Resources, and Purchasing, tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business and enhance the productivity of your operations