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             Odoo ERP Customization

The Odoo platform is vast and complex, and customizing it to meet specific client needs can be challenging

 Odoo Customization

In the realm of enterprise applications, it's critical that the software meets the unique needs and preferences of the client. This is where customization comes in. By tailoring an application to the specific requirements and ideas of a client, they can enjoy a more personalized experience that better aligns with their business goals.

While Odoo provides a fully functional package that can address most enterprise needs, there will always be additional requirements that clients may have. That's where Inspire Networks comes in. Our team analyzes a client's needs, specifically looking for areas where additional features and functionalities would be beneficial. Based on this analysis, we develop a strategy to fulfill these requirements, thereby ensuring that clients get the most out of their enterprise application. 

   We take pride in delivering high-quality customization services that meet the specific needs of each client. By extending Odoo's modular approach, our technical team can create customized solutions that are both effective and efficient. This way, clients can achieve their desired business outcomes and stay ahead of their competitors.

                Odoo Customization Process​

Acquiring Requirements

We'll schedule an appointment with you and a member of our technical team to learn more about your needs and specifications.

GAP Evaluation

We examine the discrepancy between your needs and the functionality offered by Odoo.

Feasibility Analysis

An examination to determine whether it would be feasible to implement the recommended improvements to Odoo without compromising the platform's functionality or altering its default features.


You will receive a preliminary cost, timeframe, and implementation estimate.

Customer Acceptance

Before moving forward, we need your approval.


The platform will be created in accordance with standards as well as demands and requirements.


The reliability will be estimated by numerous integrated and unit tests.


The tested and finished modules will be delivered to you.

​           Why Experts needs to do it?

When it comes to developing software or implementing technical solutions, it's important to consider the benefits of working with an expert partner. Expert partners possess in-depth knowledge of both the technical and functional aspects of the platform, and as a result, they are able to provide cost-efficient solutions that take into account all relevant parameters while also ensuring that the default functionalities of the system are not compromised.


Expert partners are also known for their strict adherence to standardized procedures, high coding standards, and reliability, ensuring that the system performs optimally and maintains its performance throughout its functioning. This approach results in ease in maintenance operations, as well as a decreased likelihood of performance issues in the long run.


On the other hand, non-expert partners may offer cheap and non-reliable solutions that do not consider all parameters, which can lead to breaking the default functioning of the system. They may not possess in-depth knowledge of the technical and functional aspects of the platform, and as a result, may deviate from the standardized development path, leading to lower coding standards and more complicated maintenance operations. This can result in performance issues that may negatively impact the system in the long run.

                  Why Inspire Networks???             

●      Our team of experienced developers is dedicated to helping you solve any technical problem you may be facing. With over 13 years of experience, we are experts in all versions of Odoo, and have technical and functional expertise in all Odoo modules, including but not limited to Sales, Inventory, Accounting, HR, Manufacturing, and CRM.


●      As a top contributor of industrial add-ons in Odoo apps, we maintain high coding standards and consistently deliver high-quality solutions to our clients. We are proud to have served over 1000 satisfied customers across the globe, and are recognized as an Odoo Gold Partner.


●      Our team has contributed over 400 free modules to the Odoo app store, and we are constantly exploring the potentialities of Odoo, with over 2000 blogs to our credit. We are enriched with UI/UX expert developers, who ensure that the solutions we deliver not only meet the functional requirements but also offer a seamless user experience.


●      In addition to our enterprise services, we also provide community edition services, catering to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs, with a focus on delivering high-quality, timely, and cost-effective services.


●      We are also proud to be the authors of Open HRMS, an open-source Human Resource Management System built on top of Odoo. With our deep understanding of Odoo and its capabilities, we are confident in our ability to deliver solutions that meet your business requirements, while exceeding your expectations.