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ERP for Trading Companies

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Open source ERP for Trading

Trading is the very foundation upon which a business firm is established upon. Trading can be defined as the process that involves the act of production, storage, and dissemination of the goods to its customer. The demand of the product or the service that the firm is offering determines the profit or loss that it will thrive from. But one of the key aims of a firm is to make sure that they can sell their product even when its demand is not very much. To do this, the firm needs to be experienced as well as proficient in conducting trades. Odoo 13 ERP allows the firm to reach its peak efficiency and performance. Hence, making the path to success seems way more achievable. Odoo 13 ERP consists of a flawless user interface that consists of elegant design, customizable functionalities, and more scalable features that make sure that your organization gets properly managed.

 Open Source ERP for Trading 

Being prepared for any ups and downs that happen is the key to a success of a business. Odoo equips your business with tools that can help your business to be prepared for various challenges. Such as customer fluctuations, changes in business regulations, deviation from the usual order, and any other issues that arise from the customers. Odoo also allows you to not only be prepared for future problems but also helps you in solving the problems that already exist in your business. Thus, open source ERP for trading can will not only make you able to satisfy your customers with ample products and services, but also make the graph of your profit go up.

Your business gets benefitted with a solid CRM, efficient HRM, warehouse management, planning, high customizability, coherent point of scale, etc. from the service of Odoo ERP.

Now let’s dig a little deeper about the terms that were just mentioned.

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Sales operations

I a retail form of business, point of sale is the instance at which the transaction between the customer and the business takes place. Odoo provides sale facilities features such as discounts, loyal tokens, etc. that can increase the graph of sales. Odoo also lets you track and monitor the changes that occur in the shopping trends. This helps in making a new strategy and take action according to it.

Even after all of these features, Odoo ERO also allows the user to analyze reports, manage their website, perform accounting, and perform many more tasks. Hence, Odoo ERP is the most appropriate solution for all managing related trade conflicts that occur at your firm.

Efficient HRM

Human resource management is a very important aspect of a business. They manage the payrolls, work roles, work shifts, conduct appointments, and meetings, and perform many other tasks. The main role of this department is to conduct and handle public relations with other firms and individuals representing those firms. Odoo has features inbuilt to provide ease to the various tasks that HRM needs to carry out.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management plays one of the main roles in properly running a business. The key role of its working team is to maintain and manage the stock flow among and through the warehouses. Odoo ERP can help in avoiding any problem that may arise due to mismanagement. It has a feature that allows the user to map the product’s stock and track and control the warehouse routes through which these stocks move.

Why do you need Inspire?

Inspire network’s ERP software is termed the best ERP software solution provider for businesses in Chennai. This is possible because of the collaborative force created by our company and Odoo. Odoo ERP acts as a 360-degree business management solution and equips the business to reach its full productivity potential. The business management tasks that this software helps is the user with including that of marketing, financial, accounting, sales, and human resource management among many other ones that are termed as crucial in a business. The software is based on an end-to-end framework that allows the user to rest assured that his/her sensitive data is in safe hands. Our software has been tried and tested which makes it sure that you will receive the best-in-class management solution for your business.

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