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How Open Source ERP Helps Small Businesses?

 Find your free open source ERP software?

We all know that there are thousands and thousands of software.    Without knowing much efficient open-source software, many are in a confused state in choosing the right software. Eg., Although Linux is found in 1990, and is also good and used widely it cannot reach a high place in the market due to unawareness of its features and what it is capable of. you know what! There is an abundance of the best free open source software hidden without proper recognition

 Odoo • A picture with a caption
            “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”

                    when u can get the best popular and mainly cost-efficient open source ERP software in a simpler and free way why the chaos with the closed source?
Here is what you need:

Open sources:

For Finance and accounting applications:

If you are looking for free and best Open Source ERP software for your finance and accounting applications, here you go:
  • Helps for very small businesses with financial reports without any     chaos, track bank accounts, professional accounting.               i.e)Gnucash (windows, macOS, Linux). 
  •      Helps for medium to larger companies for accounting, sales, CRM, and others. i.e)post books.
  •     If you are looking for a small to medium-sized business for core functionality such as posting transactions into accounts and producing financial reports, then the correct option is Turbo CASH.

Open Source ERP software systems:

               ERP software is high in cost. but no worries, here are the alternatives,  
              •       Popular and also comprehensive open source ERP package            i.e) ADempiere (windows, macOS, Linux)       

                             • Manufacturing management
                             • Material management
                             • Finance
                             • Human resource
                             • Project management

              • OFBiz (Apache foundation java based)includes ERP,
                         • Accounting
                         • CRM
                         • Supply chain management
                         • Manufacturing resource management
                         • Enterprise Aset management functionality.

              • Odoo open source ERP (windows and Linux) provides

                         • Full suite of applications
                         • Including sales management
                         • Accounting and finance 
                         • Recriutment
                         • Purchase management.

               For CRM software options:

                CRM-customer relationship management 

              The software is available from niche vendors. The following are the three open-source software. They are,
              • SugarCRM(windows, macOS, and Linux) 

                                      Helps with sales force automation,
                              •    marketing campaigns 
                              •    customer support.

              • openCRX (windows, macOS and Linux)

                         • sales fulfillment
                         • marketing
                         • service activities for customers, partners and suppliers.

              • Fat free CRM is a Ruby on Rails-based CRM platform 

                             • Features group collaboration
                             • Campaign and lead management
                             • Contact lists
                             • Opportunity tracking out of box.

              For communications and telephony software:

              In the developing world, communication is most important for both professional and personal works.so the software must be used in wide range.so the cost efficient software is needed most importantly, whereas private branch exchange (PBX) hardware is used to be very expensive.so the use of software-based PBX releases brings the price of PBXs down.

              The following software becomes the saviour

              • Aterisk NOW (Linux)
                             • comes with Free PBX administrative GUI
                             • The Asterisk project is sponsored by Digium also offers the com  Mercial version of the PBX.

              • Elastix (Linux)
                              integrates fax
                             • messaging
                             • email function
                             • support for oft phones
                             • virtual conference rooms and call recording

              For content management systems:

                   The search for content management platforms is so expensive.  Thankfully, there is some free open-source software. some of the best are;

              • Drupal
                             • user account registration
                             • menu management,
                             • page layout etc.
              Many big-name sites such as the ecnomist,examiner.com use this.

              • Word-press  
                         • evolved as full blown CMS 
                         • most popular blogging platform on the web
                         • powers about 20 percent of the top 10 million sites on the internet.

              • Joomla-used by organizations includes Harvard University and Citibank.
                             • more extensions are also available.
                             • Both free and commercial

              • OpenCMS (Java based)-gives browser based work environment 

              For eCommerce tools:

                   Likewise in foreign countries, India has also becoming the online shopping country. Earning of trust from people is bit tough in online business. But no worries, that can be full filled by giving the best services in your business,

                    When it comes to online, there are many like carting, order, tracking, payment, coupons etc.

                   But you can rock your business by using this simple and free open source software.

              • Opencart
                              • shopping cart includes orders
                              • payment handling etc

              • Prestashop

                         • popular platform helps translations,
                         • marketing, etc
              • Zen cart(its old branched from os-commerce)
                              • feature includes discount couppons, gift voucher and payment options

              What are you waiting for? just go and grab the apt best open source Odoo ERP for your business!!!

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