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How Open Source ERP Helps in the Construction Industry

How Open Source ERP Helps In Construction

What is Open Source ERP?

Entrepreneurs Resource Planning (ERP) is an integrated management process of the main business, often in real-time and moderated by software and technology. In the construction industry, many efforts are required to manage the systematized resources, tools, and equipment involved in the success of any project. So Open source Odoo ERP solution is important to strengthen the efforts to give a final form of any projects. Inspire networks to provide the best odoo ERP software. This ERP software is the best fit for the construction industry. 

Enterprise resource planning features:

                              Scheduling the project
                              A centralized database
                              Management on inventory
                              Management on expense 
                              Management on workflow
                              Document and reports
                              Purchase of resources
                              Performance monitoring
                              Bidding and tender management
                              Customer relationship management
                              Easy calculation of wage for human resource
                              Purchase order and Contract management
                              Payroll and Human resource management 

                              The Advantages of Open Source ERP Odoo software in the construction industry

                              1. Automation of operations

                              The construction industry runs on a large scale and they have multiple operations at the same time like client handling, project management, staff management, and cost estimation. Depending on the size of the company, the size of these operations will also get wider. Making flawless management is an enormous challenge for enterprise managers. The task becomes easier with enterprise resource planning applications. To reduce the chances of human errors, Odoo ERP modules are automated and handle all the tasks with profound accuracy.

                               2. Optimization of project management

                              The construction company can't survive its life term or make a long-term client without proper project management. Even a small delay of delivery or error in the construction can make huge and long-term losses for the company. But the Odoo ERP software provides the company effect management on multiple projects and at the same time, ERP software application gives a better optimization of projects by selecting and applying the perfect resource at the right time. And this gives us cost and increases the profit margin of the company

                              3. Good and effective internal communication

                              The lack of good communication in the departments can lead us to a failure in meeting the deadline of the project. So we need an effective ERP solution provider to improve the internal communication among the various departments. The inbuilt chatbox and video interaction

                              is a very important feature. All the members of the project can use the chatbox for team discussion or project works and all the members can communicate easily at the same time without any delay

                              4. Mobile friendly 

                              Odoo ERP software providers are getting mobile-friendly these days. This is because of the presence of the mobile around the location and sites. The access to the information of the project on mobile speeds up the overall business operations. The mobile-friendly interface of ERP software makes use of SMS alerts and huge SMS communications as a tool for the productivity of the business. You can access the open source Odoo ERP software from your mobile in real-time.

                              5. Marks 24/7 presence

                              The Odoo ERP Software confirms that the project suffers no delay because of the absenteeism of any resource. It gives the information that all the project-related information and enquiry is available to every project member across the location on time. It marks 24/7 presence not only in the site location you can easily access all the needed documents from your mobile or laptop.  Also ensures based on the work flexibility for the employees.

                              6. Ease of Data Transfer

                              The construction industries have a massive pool of operations and concomitantly documentation. So, these allocations and management of the data become a difficult task for the business managers. This process becomes more complex when the size of the business gets bigger. The Odoo ERP software will be greatly helpful to the construction industry, it will centralize all the data efficiently anyway of its size. It also provides a safe and quick transfer of the data from all the departments across the organization. So you can trace the needed records in a second when you are required.

                              7. Efficiency in the decision making

                              With powerful centralization of data and operations, The manager can easily make all the business with no delays or flaws. The problems can be foretold and resolve before they create bottleneck situations.

                              8. Improves the Marketing Strategies

                              The Odoo ERP application provides in-depth data analysis to enhance and optimize marketing strategies. The data collected from the various departments can be analyzed in a common platform to help, improve, and accomplish strategic goals.

                              9. Construction Bid Cost And Revenue Estimations

                              The marketers in the construction industry need to bid for a contractual project. The bid is based on the cost estimation and the company that offers the best pricing wins the bid. The Odoo ERP software comes into use while making these cost estimates. It provides proper cost estimates through the resources to be used and other relevant parameters. It also helps you to calculate the liabilities of the projects. The Odoo ERP software ensures that there will be a minimal difference in the actual cost and the estimated cost. 

                              10. Digital Documentation:

                              Using the Open source Odoo ERP software reduces the use of paper for documentation. The data are stored in digital form which can be accessed from any location at any time. The unauthorized access to the document gets minimized, thus ensuring the privacy and secrecy of secret data.  

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