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5 ways how ERP can increase your sales
Ways to increase your sales by ERP

5 Ways How ERP can Increase your Sales

With the constantly increasing amounts of businesses all around the world, management rules and regulations are increasing too, and managing a business is becoming a harder task to perform. Managing a business is one of the most important aspects of any business.

The kind of management carried out in a business for handling its various work processes is visible on the business’ end result. Work processes are the day-to-day tasks that are not the main goal of your business but are required for carrying out the main goal, such as making a bill for the goods that you sold or the service that you provided to an entity.
But when manual work has many flaws and errors are unavoidable. Along with these errors happening, more resources are also spent on a business to handle such manual labor. Automating the tasks that do not require to be handled manually is known as automation. 

These tasks can be handled easily by incorporating a system that can provide an easy solution for managing all of the different work processes in a company.

That’s where an ERP comes to save the day by providing an all-in-one solution that can automate as well as help in managing a business in the most efficient way possible. This efficient workflow created by it would ensure productivity. Odoo ERP excels in providing businesses with a total management solution. 

Ways in which ERP can increase your profits 

The best way to increase the productivity of a business without compromising its quality and efficiency is to incorporate suitable ERP software. Below are stated 5 ways in which you can increase the sales and profits of your business with the help of an ERP solution:

1. By allowing you to identify sales order patterns: 

ERP can keep track of every single thing that happens in your business so you can rest easy that everything is properly in check. By keeping everything in check, you get the ability to track which orders are coming in and from where. 

Knowing about where the demand for your products is the most and the least, you get the ability to set a new marketing strategy. This information can also help you in instructing your salesperson about where to put more attention on some products and where to put the rest of the focus. 

In this way, you can make sure that none of your products suffer loss in sales due to the lack of proper marketing methods. The previous order patterns also let you predict the upcoming trends in the business. This prediction would allow you to make changes in the production lines according to the demand of a product that will be the most and the least at a certain point in time. 

Predicting the peaks and troughs in the related market trends can allow you to get ahead of the competition and gain the most amounts of profits when the time comes.

2. By allowing you to target sales per capacity:

Predicting the right peak and trough points does not just provide you with the ability to predict how much you need to store but also where can you store. Predicting a certain demand for your products at a certain point in time will allow you to produce the amount to produce and store that amount of products
But if the products that are going to be in demand three months later fill up your storage at the current time, then your mill would be just sitting idle. To make sure that this does not happen, you need to sell your products smartly to maximize the output of your business.
ERP allows you to do so with the help of its scheduling features. The automated scheduling feature of an ERP will schedule your business work process following the aim of your advertising plan. 
This will make sure that there is no wastage of time and the number of orders increase. This is all done while offering proper guidance and direction to the end-user so that minimal input is required from them.

3.  It increases the quality of your customer service:

ERP software solutions provide the client business to increase the quality of their customer service. It does so by decreasing the number of resources and time that was spent on the tasks that are now automated with it. Since ERP also keeps track of all the tasks that occur, it becomes easy to inform the buyers of the client about their product status.
Customer service is one of the biggest parts of any business and hence, needs to be well-attended for maximum efficiency of a business. ERP shortens more of its huge work process by automating its parts. This provides ease on your business’ end as well on the buyer's end. 
Providing good customer service will ensure that your customers will think of using your services whenever such a topic comes up. Identification of bottlenecks, remedies to cure them will make sure that you can achieve and provide a smooth and seamless performance to your production line as well as to your customers, respectively.

4. By allowing you to provide a quick response:

While providing a quotation to your client, you won’t prefer to keep them waiting as any business owner knows that making their client wait decreases the chances of their sale by every second. Every second matters while selling something. As a manufacturer, you’ll have to sell a “lot” of things. 
ERP allows you to estimate a quote by including the manufacturing charges, the man-hours that it is going to take, and estimating the final cost. All these estimations can become false and discredit your words as the business owner.
ERP makes sure that all of these assumptions get out of the equation and the correct approximation is made that is based upon the data collected by the ERP software. 

5. By allowing you to improve your reputation:

High-quality suppliers that are reliable are respected by all the clients. An ERP software increases the quality production of your company by decreasing its inefficiencies and thus, by increasing its productivity. 
Being able to engineer and manufacture components that do not lack in their quality can allow you to gain a noticeable reputation in your business’s market. ERP does not just allow you to do this but also allows your business to decrease the quantity of wastage that is produced every day. 
This will increase the profit percentage of your company while helping the environment at the same time. 

An ERP software solution has become more of a necessity rather than an option in the current period. To make sure that you don’t get behind your competition and excel in your field while increasing the number of your sales and profit, you need to incorporate ERP in your business structure. Odoo ERP is the leading service provider in its field and will provide all the benefits that are stated above, to your business. 
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