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Inspire networks is an “ALL IN ONE” ERP development company in Chennai that provides the best services to empower organizations and companies to get in control of end-to-end operations. Our performance will be loyal in proving our various services. Inspire networks, the strategic partnership with Odoo, Zoho, Orion, GreytHR delivers a range of software services that include Odoo ERP, CRM, Accounting, Mobile Apps, Branding, SEO | SMO, IT Support, and also our other services such as Co-working spaces, private office spaces, virtual office...!
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Our   Services

Odoo | Open ERP

we are providing the best ERP software to manage all needs of your business and to move your business to the next level 

Web Designing

we do create the best site for your startup ideas, dream business, small-scale industries to help get more leads for your business and more improvised.



Here we are making a perfect eCommerce website to improve your business and help to bring you out from the business venture

  Cloud Solutions

we make safe and secure your business details by our cloud service and we can also design and build an entire best-in-class infrastructure 

Digital Marketing

Get your business ranked at the highest. Take your own identity to uniqueness by branding with us

Branding | SEO |SMO

we brand your business to be a top competitor by optimizing and take a unique place in social media, by creating innovative logos, promotional stuff.

Mobile Application Development

we do create software applications that run on both android and iOS, we Transfer your ideas into mobile  
applications by us.

Office Space | Private Cabins | Virtual Office

we provide workspace for making your business iconic.

Live Streaming | Web Casting

Here we are making perfect memories and streaming your event to wide range casting.

50,000+ companies  run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Engage with us to create your company as productive.

No more painful integrations .

                If you are having an individual software solution that works but doesn't interact with each other, You are probably entering the data more than once and missing a comprehensive survey of what is going on.

In between the Odoo apps and the thousands of community apps, there is something to help you to address all of your business wants and needs in a single application. It is a cost-effective and modular solution no more work of different technology cooperating.

Odoo apps are perfectly integrated with each other which allowing you to fully automate your business operations and reap the benefits and savings.

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 Odoo, Oracle, Netsuite & SAP Avg. ROI(Months) 

Odoo • Image and Text

The Key KPI( key performance indicator) for investment is Apparently the return on investment. An SAP(Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing) project gives back the investment on average 36 months. Netsuite will do a bit better with an average ROI(Return On Investment) in 29 months. However, your Odoo project has an average Of 16 months of ROI only, Which is less than half the time for SAP, Not only Odoo is priced competitively, The fact is it is easy to use so it will reduce the time and cost for training and helps your employees to focus on bringing value to your company.  Our aim is to provide users the tool they love with the maximum potential of our company. To focus on the particular things that matter. We are doing an excellent job as any of our topics scored less than 80%.

Unique Value Proposition:

                         Everything you need for the best user experience. Our family of applications works together seamlessly- giving you access to automated and to track everything you do- online, centralized, and can be accessed from anywhere from any device. Odoo’s open-source development models allow us to access thousands of developers and business experts to build the world’s largest fully integrated business application. By using elegant and model technical design, Oddo’s framework is unique. It enables us and our developer’s community to provide the first-class usability that can be extended across all applications. Usability improvement made to Odoo will automatically be applied to all our integrated applications. Finally, through regular annual releases, Odoo develops much faster than any other solution.     

Odoo Trusted Customers

Why  W e Best  

Expertise service

we had the best experience as well as trained personnel and also a professional person for your projects.

Timeline Fidelity

Fastest and quickest service for your project so the timeline of the result will be in a short time.


Support for your business will be100%. we do functional, technical, and training support.


We had great accountability so we take care of your project as our project.


you can get a quality of results from us.

No Hidden Cost

No cost will add during implementation or Go Live Period of a project in any causes

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