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Restaurant Management Software

                                                              Complete restaurant operational management tool    

Track and Manage your POS 

One thing on which nearly everyone can agree is that handling multiple tasks at the same is not a piece of cake. There are so many processes that go in the same moment that it becomes no less than a hectic situation which can make anyone el frustrated. In a business, this refers to the multiple tasks that are needed to be attended at the same time as a simple mistake can cause a huge backfire. That’s where Odoo can help you. It makes sure that each and every task that of your business is getting tracked so that you won’t have to take stress about them and focus on the main task in your hands, which is serving your customers properly.  

Odoo for Restaurants helps your staff to accomplish more tasks in less time .  


You can easily serve a lot more customers after automating your POS compared to the customers that you were able to serve before. This can be done with the help of the Odoo Restaurant management system. Through the all-in-one dashboard, you can not only manage the waiting queues by also the reservation requests. Communicate with your customers and answer all their queries through the means of SMSs, Social media, Email, or Whatsapp. Along with that you can also distribute coupons, monitor loyalty points, and track daily performance, without even leaving your screen display!  

These work processes require quite some unnecessary attention from the owner or the manager and hence, take away the time that is required to be put in more important tasks. We make sure that your time is not wasted on these work processes, with the help of our software, so that you can focus on taking proper care of your customers. The work helping a range of Odoo extends from the process of inquiry to the process of order fulfillment. Along with helping in removing double entries, preventing mistakes, and also automatically update your inventory by putting out an integrated system to use. You are able to run your daily business smoothly with the help of our Odoo software. Odoo is equipped with tools that are made specifically for the restaurant, food deliveries, and cafes.  

The key aim of a Restaurant Management System is to help your business in managing and converting the restaurant management tasks into a seemingly smooth and buttery experience, without any complications. The need for smart and efficient restaurant software is at its highest at this time. It is needed the most for converting your growing restaurant management business into one that constantly keeps becoming more flourishing and profitable. This lets your business achieve its maximum potential as well as convert its business execution and standards to better than they were ever before.      

Odoo restaurant management software has made the process of restaurant management way simpler and easier. Odoo Restaurant POS system is the most robust and comprehensive tool for the purpose of managing the daily work processing needs of your restaurant/ food court/ coffee shop.  



Odoo Restaurant Management System encompasses a simple, independent, and user-friendly interface with Product/Menu Management Options, Table and Floor Management Facility, Quick billing, Online ordering facility, Offline Support, Invoice generation, hence making it the finest POS system or ERP for restaurants. The compatibility of the Odoo Restaurant Software extends to a various number of hardware systems including, a Barcode Scanner, Swiping machine, and Cash drawer box.  

The Odoo restaurant software is the best accounting software and POS system for your business due to its Integration/Consolidation of Inventory and Accounts modules. There is also its billing feature which makes it a great alternative or replacement for your restaurant’s previous billing software. The restaurant POS system of Odoo allows you to make the most appropriate choices on matters such as food combinations, menu items, sales targets, etc.