Odoo vs Netsuite

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NetSuite provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning for mid-sized to corporate enterprises providing for products for business management includes:

1.NetSuite ERP for inventory, supply chain, and financials

2.NetSuite CRM for sales and marketing

3.NetSuite Commerce for both web and on-site sales

4.NetSuite PSA for project management

Each of the products should be purchased separately for flexible usage of the ERP. NetSuite also offers a variant of its platform to multinational companies called OneWorld, combining all the above products with multinational companies, including handling company branches, multi-currencies, multi-accounting standards, and tax specifications etc. In order to make a rational analysis of the capabilities of each software, we have taken into account the full integrated suite of NetSuite products.

The pricing of Netsuite is quote based and pricing models available are by quote or monthly.

Netsuite is #1 vendor of ERP Cloud Software with 312 apps in SuiteApp and 30,000 client organizations over 160 countries.

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Odoo Enterprise

Odoo the open source suite provides three versions, out of which two are locally hosted and other is hosted in the cloud. Around 25,500 apps are available other than the main modules, created by Odoo SA and it’s communities.

To grow your business starting from few apps and allows to add more apps as per need changes and evolves. Odoo has greater user experience and acceptance around the world. Odoo provides both community version (no licence fee) and enterprise version (community feature + additional features). Odoo hosting provides three versions: Odoo online , odoo sh and on-premises. Also Odoo pricing model available can be free, monthly and yearly subscriptions. Odoo apps provide a lot of custom applications, both paid and free apps are available. They can be downloaded and installed directly from the website.

Odoo ERP has 5 million users over 120+ countries with 2550 partners and 25,500 apps in Odoo Apps.

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