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Open Source ERP in Odoo Vs Enterprise

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Open source ERP in Odoo Community

Open source Odoo community version is a fully open-source edition that is released under the LGPLv3 license, developed and tested by OCA. The community version is free to use and install the modules as per business requirements. A lot of modules are available that can be installed further as the need changes. The codes are available and can be customized with them as well. In the community version, there are some limitations on unlimited Functional support, Version Upgrades, and hosting. Also, Mobile versions and studio apps are not supported.

Open source Odoo Enterprise

open source Odoo enterprise version comprises the feature in community version along with new additional features. Enterprise edition also available with three versions: Odoo online, Odoo sh, and On-Premises. The main difference between community and enterprise is that the enterprise version is packed with more features like increased speed, mobile browser compatibility, Unlimited functional support from Odoo SA, and much more. The Subscription fee depends on the number of users and the apps used. With the advent of the enterprise version, the business model of the company changes from selling open-source software to a proprietary service. Enterprise version provides new functional modules including Sign, Help Desk, Marketing Automation, Quality Management, Maintenance, Online Appointment, Subscription, Odoo Studio, etc. Also, there are a lot of additional features included in the existing applications like barcode integration, shipping connector, MPS, VOIP, etc.