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Our Services:

At Inspire Networks, we give it our best every day to provide our customers with various types of loans, the ones that they need, after getting the needed security proofs. As per the demanded loan of our customers, we encourage them to approach for typical loans. Our team also works every day to provide various financial services to our customers, to provide them with their required business loans along with a strong and stable loan agreement.  All of our customers highly appreciate the quality of the services that we provide, and that also while charging minimal interests.

Property Loan

As suggested by its designation, property loans are the loans that you can avail of by keeping your property as collateral. This kind of loan is also known as a secured loan. The amount of loan that you get to avail yourself in this depends upon the current value of your residential/commercial property. 

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Cheque Based Loan

Finance based mainly on checks is one of the most renowned and fastest ways of raising the required private funds. At Inspire Networks, we provide our service of finance based on cheques without asking for any upfront fee. 

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Loan Process 

1. Application 

You need to start by first applying for a loan with a loan application. You need to include all of your financial information and other required information with it, which can assure the lender that they will get their money back in the specified period. When you put in a loan application, do note that it is not confirmed that the lender will lend you your required loan amount. 

2.  Provide the Required Documents

You need to provide some documents along with your loan application as well. These documents include:

  • Photo-2 Nos

  • Salary Slip-3 Months

  • Bank Statement-6 Months

  • Address Proof ( Ration card/ Passport/Driving Licence)

  • Company Id Card Copy

  • Offer letter copy

  • You also need to include the information about your guarantor from Chennai, apart from these above documents.

3.  Check Your Loan Eligibility

You need to provide some documents along with your loan application as well. These documents include:

The loan tenure is 10 months

Its processing can take about 3 days

Those who have CIBIL score problems can also avail of a loan with our services

We assure of easy documentation procedure, quick approval, and less settlement time-taking procedure.

4.  Approval  

The approval of your loan refers to your loan application getting approved by the lender. At Inspire Networks, we get you the loan that you want with our complete assurance and responsibility

Cheque Basis Loan

Required Documents for Cheque-Based Loans:

For availing of a cheque-based loan for yourself, you need to provide us with some of your documents. These said documents include:

1. Bank Statement of minimum 6 months

2. Income Tax return of at least 2 years

3. Cheque leaves 

4. OD sanction letter

So, don’t worry if you have already raised funds through a private financier. Our team will get you your desired cheque-based financial loan in Chennai and Tamil Nadu. Inspire Networks is one of the leading financials against cheques providers in Chennai. 

  About Us

At Inspire Networks, we are a team of private financial loan lenders. We excel in providing loans up to Rs. 10 crores be it against property loans any other such loan type. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will get your desired loan when you opt for our services.

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