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What are the Benefits of using Odoo CRM

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Benefits of Odoo CRM

Odoo CRM Application is an advantage for the business. The advanced application in odoo can make the business grow quickly but it depends on how you run your business. CRM can help you with day-to-day procedures of customer relationships effortlessly and you can help and enrich your sales by going through the pieces of information of the sales process. The system permits you to have all the control over your sales team. And keeping the natural process of business safe.

A short note of the advantages of CRM

  • CRM application is best if you are running a business. If you are dealing with a new business then CRM is the best tool to grow your business.

  • The CRM application is designed to squeeze every ounce of usefulness from it. With the advanced features and tools in Odoo CRM, the application has many offers and it is simple and user-friendly.

  • CRM is an easy-to-use application that has the ability to adapt to the daily business routine and manage and maintain the information. So you don't need to manage the order information for every single day,

  • The CRM application will do it for you. With all these advantages and tools in the application form, the development of the business is a very important advantage which you can have.

  • The application will be provided with a feature that lets you create leads and help for the new companies. 

  • The lead mining tool in the application is simple to operate and with a simple touch you can bring you the leads and you do not have to wait for someone to come to you anymore.

  1. Creating leads was a huge task in the past but not anymore. Odoo SRM is designed to get more leads as possible. Apart from lead extracting you can generate leads from the business through CRM in many ways.

  2. The frequently used way is a mailing system. This feature allows you to set a mail address as the entry gateway to the CRM for the leads.

  3. This mail address can be shown in your marketing procedure, so if a random person who comes for your company by the given email link then the CRM application will automatically take them as a lead and let you work through the leads easily.

  4. This will give your sales team a lead to work. The more the lead comes there is the chance of getting new customers. With the highly integrated nature of CRM application, This is easy for you to work with the various steps of customer relations.

  5. The integration of the sales application permits your sales team to gives the sales procedure through the CRM application. You can configure the sales application for the sales tab on the dashboard of the CRM.

  6. Both of the applications work to create the perfect synchronized and harmonious working space that permits you to make out customer care efficiently and much quicker than a bunch of Excel sheets.

Lead generation

  • Lead generation and management used to have an individual department on the sales team in the business organization but with Odoo CRM you do not have to worry about the leads anymore.

  • The process takes very less time, and it is a chance of winning lead and converting them into a customer with the help of customer-centered working of the application. 

  • The application permit you to stay in contact with the customers all the time. The live chat option in the application permits you to have direct communication with the customer, even you can talk with your customer about the product which they are interested in and answer their questions and confusions about the product that they are interested in. You can use the space to stick with your product or services.

Odoo Spreadsheet 

The CRM application is integrated with the Odoo spreadsheet, a Feature that will permit you to have the graphical information of your customer and the procedures of the sales team. This feature can also be used as a progress report of the sales team. You can check the attained targets and look at the explanations for not reaching targets or losing the leads or customers and guide them to achieve the target. This application gives you total control of your employees and their proceeding in the business deals and will permit you to maintain decorum in business management. With the integration of the Inventory module in the CRM along the side of sales, You can make out customer and sales processes easily. You can go through the inventory to check the product that particular lead is interested in and sell it directly to the customer. The application works effortlessly and thus preserves the workflow for your business.

API (Application Programming Interface)

You can make Odoo CRM application do everything with Application Programming Interface (API). With this, you can connect other software with the CRM application and give access to the features like creation of lead automation and many more other features. You can select the software for your own convenience. This gives you access to unlock a massive amount of features in the application of CRM. As Google Docs can be also integrated easily with your CRM application, You can pin the documents like advanced qualification forms, pricing tables, and other details regarding product and sales procedures.


With Odoo's advanced tools of marketing integrated into the CRM application, You can generate leads more quickly. The marketing system on the CRM makes automated mails and sends them to the leads and customers about the new products or about the products which they are looking for. The mail form the application will keep customers and lead informed about the company and the product which they are looking for otherwise looking for recently bought. This will help you to keep 

your customer within the environment of the company. for More Info Contact Us

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