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Things ERP Must have

Things Odoo ERP Must have

In the age where hundreds and thousands of businesses are getting established every day, the rules and regulations for managing a business are getting even more complex. These complexities of handling a business can easily lead you, as a business owner, to hire professional help for management.

But this is not a necessity as in the age of the internet, there are professionally competitive software solutions available as well. One of the most helpful of such solutions is the ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) software solution. 

An ERP solution provides you with many abilities after its implementation in your business’ workflow. Odoo ERP is the best ERP solution available, contact us at Inspire Networks to know more about it. 

How to find the best ERP?

ERPs are based on providing your business with the best all-in-one management solution. But every business is different and has different needs as well as different goals to achieve. Similarly, every ERP has an infrastructure based to provide different businesses with different features as per their goals. 

What this means to say is that no ERP solution is perfect or best for every business. If you implement the best ERP for any other business type, then that best ERP will be no better than an ordinary ERP solution for your business. 

To get the best ERP for your business, you have to do some digging by yourself. This means that you have to consider the needs and objectives of your business along with the features that an ERP solution provides for finding the best ERP solution for your business.

8 Must-Haves For An ERP

An ERP solution provides a lot of features but doesn’t worry as you don’t have to look into all of them. You just have to look into the most important things that every ERP must have and then judge the ERP on that basis. So, 8 things that an ERP must have are as below. 

1. Ability to provide a good workflow

Productivity is one of the key selling points of the company. the productivity of your business can directly be seen in your final products. Productivity in a business can only be at its best when all the components, departments and employees, work with each other in harmony and flow. 

This refers to all the other departments as well as employees in your company working as a team, fluently, to produce the end result in the most efficient and best way possible. Creating a good workflow, that allows every entity in your business to work well with each other, is quite a hard task. 

ERP makes this task easy with the help of its different modules. Its different integrated modules for the different departments in your business will allow the different departments of your business to get a better work plan, which will allow them to work with each other in better coordination. 

2. All for one 

One of the best things about ERP software is that it provides all your employees and departments with a system that is dependent on a single database. This makes it easy for you as the owner to get hold of every ounce of information about everything that might be happening in your business. 

This provides a better workflow to your business as you are able to get notified about every transaction of monetary or informatory currency that is happening in any department of your business. This allows you to manage all your finances in a better way as well as prepare a better work plan according to the recorded data.

3. One for all 

Another best thing about ERP that gets you in the good books of your employees is the consistent experience that it provides to all its users, all the employees of all the departments in your business. Doing so allows all the employees of your company to feel like one single working unit and work so. 

The employees are the soul of your company and departments are the things that divide them and hence, divide their workflow as well. But in the case of an ERP, the information about all the different departments is available to each other. 

This allows all the workers in the different departments to collaborate and sync their workflow with each other to provide your business with the best results. 

4. Ability to secure data

When choosing an ERP software solution for your business, you should look out for the feature that allows you to hide or secure some information and allow only some people to access it. This is important as we have learned that most of the data is transparent to everyone in your business. 

This can come in handy for information such as accounting sheets, or even inventory. 

5. Ability to interact 

We have learned that the ERP solution provides the ability to different departments of your business to be transparent with each other, but the thing is the cherry on top of this ability is the ability to interact with the employees of other departments as well. 

This ability will provide all the employees of different departments in your business to collaborate and co-operate with each other in a better way. With this ability, your employees can even come up with a better way to work with each other than increase the efficiency of your business. 

6. Forecasting 

With all the data that an ERP solution keeps in track at all times, it also keeps reading this collected data to forecast the upcoming business trends based on the ones that have passed in recent time. This feature will allow you to be prepared for the upcoming session with the increased amount of demand for a certain product of your business. 

This is a great tool to get ahead of the market and become the most reliable source for your customers when the time of demand comes and your company is the only one that consists of the product that is not available in the market. 

7. Dashboards

Dashboards are very important elements of an ERP. This feature allows you to see all the data that your ERP software has yet been able to track and save in its system. The dashboard even allows you to see all the transactions that have happened in your business.

Along with this, you also get to see the work the efficiency of your employees, and the different complaints or ratings that come from your customers.

8. Automation and streamlining 

One of the greatest use of an ERP solution is to maximize the profits of your business by streamlining its workflow by only keeping the required manual labor and automating all the work processes that do not require the use of manual labor. 

This allows your business to minimize its labor costs and increase working efficiency by reducing human errors. 


Contact our team at Inspire Networks to know more. 

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